Saturday, May 30, 2009

A big piece of evidence that the moon landings were faked is that in some photos, there are crosshairs behind objects. Why would this happen? Here are some theories:

> NASA didn't have the blue screen tech in computers, but they needed or wanted to use it anyway in order to fake the moon landings. So, the used one screen and had one image coming to it from inside the tv and another image coming from in front of the screen, like in many theaters and then, they recorded it.

> NASA knew scientists were expecting the images to be very grainy, considering the distance from the moon and earth. So, what they did is that they intentionally made the video footage grainy and in the photos, they on porpusely put the crosshairs behind objects in some of them.

> The light "bleed" through the crosshairs in some of the photos. The crosshairs behind objects may actually be evidence of the moon landings.

> Errors were put inside the pictures during the hoax by people inside who took the hoax for granit as they were being forced to volenteer.

> NASA's original photos did not have the errors that they do know. But then, someone faked it.

The theories are numerous but contradictions prove that someone inside NASA intentionally made the images grainy.

First, is one of NASA's own website and they admit that there were cross hairs behind objects, although they argued against the moon hoax theory that the photos were faked. For proof, go to NASA's homepage, type in "the great moon hoax," press enter, click "The great moon hoax" and then at the bottom of that page, they put other links to websites they made about the moon hoax theory and then one by Phillip plait against Fox TV's episode "Conspiracy theory: did we land on the moon?" At that part of the page, click "NASA's moon hoax," which is a link with the description: "This thorough site addresses recent and older claims that the moon landings were faked (external site)." After you are on that page, click "cross hairs," and it will take you to the link to a paragraph where they use excuses for the crosshair flaws, not deny them.

Second, if you look at this picture, below and then examine it, you'll find that there are cross hairs in front of areas of brightness, brighter than in the picture at top of this post.

The crosshair in front of the gleaming top of Alan Bean's spacesuit is facing a clearly bigger exposure of light than some of the crosshairs behind objects. This is impossible if the pictures weren't doctored.

We know that the crosshairs didn't falsely appear to be behind objects because someone outside of NASA faked them and we know that it wasn't over exposure to light so we know the pictures were doctored in a way that was obvioulsy done on earth.